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A Brief History About Me

How did I come about to be someone who thought he was important enough to warrant a personal web page?  I'm not, and neither are most other people who have their own web pages.  

At best, I can say I think I've paid my dues:

I grew up in a fairly dysfuntional family.

I "served my country" for nearly eight years (U.S. Air Force)

I studied Philosophy for more than 6 years (almost getting a Ph.D.) then taught Philosophy for almost 26 years.

I've been married for almost 47 years (to the same woman, no less!)

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About Me

An Honest Life Requires Cynicism

Cynics question the motives of other people.  This sometimes takes the form of assuming other people act for bad (or not-good) reasons.  

I don't go quite that far.

Historically, the cynic questioned the rules, standards, and conventions advocated by society.  

This is a good thing.

About Cynicism

My Bout With Cancer

I have colon cancer.  

It was found in 2018, but cancer is the sort of thing that never really goes away.

I had surgery (to remove part of my colon) and two attendant infections.

I spent 6 months getting chemotherapy - which seems in some wasy to be worse than the disease.

The Cancer Journal