About Me


I was born in Worcester, MA (1950), leaving in 1969 to join the Air Force.  I was trained as a Ground Radio Operator, with a second specialty as an Administrative Specialist.  I served tours of duty in Panama City, Panama (Howard A.F.B.), Minot, North Dakota (Minot A.F.B.), Tampa, Florida (MacDill A.F.B.), and Madrid, Spain (Torrejon A.B.).  

With tours in Panama and Spain - and I could likely include Tampa here - one would think that I would have become fluent in Spanish, but no - I have learned French and German, but I only speak a smattering of street Spanish.  I have frequently made such flawed decisions.  

Go Figure.

I left the service in 1976 to enter college (University of Massachusetts - Amherst), and graduated in May, 1979, with a major in philosophy; I continued my studies at Washington University in St. Louis, receiving my M.A. in 1980 and continued my work towards a Ph.D.  As luck would have it, I got as far as Chapter 5 of my dissertation when life happened, and I did not complete the requirements for my doctorate.

I taught philosophy (as an instructor/adjunct professor) for over 25 years, from 1981 to 2006.  My area of specialization was Ethics, and I've taught courses in Business Ethics, Medical Ethics and Reproductive Ethics (along with the standard Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Logic and various introductory courses in Ethics).  

In 1972, while stationed in Tampa, Florida, I got married  to my wife Carol (well ... technically speaking, she wasn't my wife until after we got married)  and we have luckily managed to keep the marriage going to the present day (at this writing, it has been almost 47 years and counting) - mostly due to my wife's patience and tolerance.  

Carol graced my life with a son (Daniel) in 1985.  Carol and I currently live in the greater St. Louis, Missouri, area.